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Fucked My Younger Sister As a Bitch she is a fucking bitch English Sex Stories

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Fucked My Younger Sister As a Bitch she is a fucking bitch English Sex Stories : Hi, my name is vijay.I am from rajasthan, and currently living in thane (mumbai), 5’8” with above average looks, good body and 7.5” tool I am 21 years of age. This story is about me and my sister – Pooja(name changed).

Her pet name was lalli . She is 24 right now and she was just going to get married. I had a serious passion on females. I am a very frustrated person. My sister has a very sexy figure. She has a sexy body with huge boobs and great tits. She has a tight ass too.
I must have masturbated hundred’s of time thinking about her sexy ass. She was a virgin. This incident happened last month. Our parents had gone to meet my Uncle in Ahmadabad. I and Pallo were living alone in the house. We had a servant who had gone for a leave. On Saturday me and my sister made a plan to meet our friends in an hotel for lunch on Sunday. My sis did not know about me dream about her. The next day I got up with an erect (men will be knowing about it – It happens in the morning as you get up).

My dick was on its full size – 7.5″. As our servant was not there my sister came inside my room with tea. I think she saw my penis in my pants standing. She did not say anything that time but gave me a hidden smile. I was embarrassed. I was not very open to her. She was in her night robe which was a bit tight for her. I could see her nipples through it as she was not wearing a bra. She bent down to keep my tea beside me and I could see her boobs trying to tear out the gown. She kept the tea beside me and went away giving me a smile.

Then I got out of my bed and took my tea and went outside to fetch the paper. I sat down on a rocking chair and started reading the paper. Suddenly the thought of my sister came into my mind. My dick started to erect again. It started paining me as it was under my underwear.

I took my penis out of my pants and gave it some fresh air. I kept the paper on top of it and started dreaming about my sister getting rammed by me and getting fucked by me in doggy style. Suddenly, my sister came and removed the paper to read it. I had no time. She saw my penis at full length. She got shocked. She must have not thought that my dick could be so big.

She again gave a small smile and walked away from me. I got embarrassed. In the afternoon I told my sister to get ready as our the time I was thinking about me and my sister. When I came out I saw that Pallo’s room was opened and she was having a bath. I think she had left the room opened for me but I did not go in. Just then she came out with a towel around her. I think she saw me and she dropped her towel. She started to wipe her body. She was a sexy babe. Her huge boobs were round and firm. Her nipples were ready for a fuck.

Then she laid down on the bed and started to clean the water between her long, sexy legs. Now I could see her vagina. Now I was really desperate and I was ready to fuck her just as she was but I was afraid. Then she then wore a sari and we were ready to go. At the hotel I was not paying attentions to what my friends were saying. It was like a small party. I was all the time thinking about my sister.

She was sitting right next to me. My penis erected again. I was in the wonderland then suddenly something happened. I felt a hand moving slowly on top of my pant, right next to the zip. That was my sister’s hand. She gave me a smile and kept talking to her friend while she kept fingering me from under the table. Now her hand was on top of my zip and was giving my dick a massage.

The party got over real quick. We got into the car and we started towards our house. In Thane there were many red lights we had to cross. At one red light I had to put a hard brake. Pallo’s sari came off her blouse. I said “Pallu”. She looked at me but she did not even touch her sari. I could