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Method 1 of 3: Prepare to Use the Female Condom


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    Understand the advantages and disadvantages of using a female condom. Before you commit to using a female condom, you should be aware of the advantages and disadvantages of using it instead of another form of birth control. Here are the pros and cons of using a female condom:[1][2]

    • Advantages:
      • The female condom does not require a prescription and is therefore pretty easy to get. You can find it in most drugstores and some supermarkets.
      • Female condoms let women share the responsibility for preventing infection.
      • Unlike the birth control pill, the female condom doesn't have an effect on a woman's natural hormones. (Though it may be used along with birth control pills for extra prevention, of course.)
      • It can stay in place even if the man loses his erection.
      • It can enhance your sexual experience. The external ring can stimulate the clitoris during vaginal intercourse.
      • It is made with polyurethane instead of latex and can therefore be used by people with a latex allergy.
      • It can be inserted up to a few hours before intercourse -- and remember that you can use the bathroom while the condom is inserted.
    • Disadvantages:
      • The female condom may irritate the vagina, vulva, penis, or anus (if it's being used anally).
      • It may slip into the vagina during intercourse.
      • It can be a bit tough to insert it, especially at first.
      • Wearing the female condom can create a louder noise during sex, though this can be controlled with more lubricant.
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    Understand how a female condom works. The female condom works like a male condom but it's inserted into the vagina. It even looks somewhat like a large condom, except it has a flexible inner ring that will be inserted into the vagina, and an outer ring that will hang about an inch from the vagina. Once the female condom is inserted, the man can insert his penis into the condom. When he ejaculates into the condom, it should be removed.[3]

    • The female condom can be effectively inserted into the vagina or the anus, and the method for insertion is very similar.[4]
    • Remember that if you are wearing a female condom, the male should not wear a condom. This will create friction that can cause one or both of the condoms to tear.
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    Examine the package of a female condom. Before you use the female condom, check the expiration date on the package to make sure that you can still use it. Then, use your fingers to delicately smooth down the package to make sure that the lubricant is distributed evenly throughout the package.

Method 2 of 3: Use the Female Condom

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    Practice using the female condom. Though female condoms typically cost around $4 per condom and can only be used once, you should practice using the condom on your own instead of using it for the first time right before sex. Though inserting the condom is easy once you get the hang of it, you should try it on your own at least once or twice to make sure that you can get it right when the time comes.

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    Remove the condom from the package. Once you've determined that the condom is ready for use, just tear the arrow at the top of the package and remove the female condom.

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    Put spermicide or lubricant on the outside of the closed end. Using spermicides along with the female condom can further reduce your risk of pregnancy. Though the female condom will already be lubricated, extra lubricant can make it easier to insert and use the condom.

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    Find a comfortable position. To insert the female condom, you'll have to find a position that works for you. It's just like inserting a tampon -- you have to get comfortable and have access to your vagina before you can insert the condom. You can try squatting on the ground, laying down, or placing one foot on top of a chair.

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    Squeeze the sides of the inner ring together. Hold the sides together similarly to how you would hold a pencil. Though the condom will be a bit slippery because of the lubricant, make sure you have a reasonably firm grip before you insert it.

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    Insert the inner ring and condom into your vagina. Insert it like a tampon. Push it up with your finger.

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    Push the inner ring into the vagina, aiming towards the small of your back until it reaches the cervix. Once it reaches the cervix, it will naturally expand and you won't be able to feel it anymore. Again, this is much like inserting a tampon -- if you can still feel it inside you, then you didn't put it in correctly.