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How to Become a Pornstar - Porn Star Application Online

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How to Become a Pornstar - Porn Star Application Online

How to Become a Pornstar - Porn Star Application Online : So you want to know how to be a porn star? Every day hundreds of people are considering becoming a porn star. Some actually reach out to other porn stars and ask them how. Most of the time they found those inquiries go unanswered. you’d be surprised how many times in a given week someone asks a porn star that question. It isn’t as easy to become a porn star as some people might think. The first question is, are you over 18? If so then you passed the first test to become a Pornstar .

The next question is, do you live in an area that porn is often produced? If you want to make porn then you need to be where porn is made — such as Los Angeles.

If you want to have any chance in hell of getting into the porn industry, you really need to be where the main porn industry is to become a Pornstar you nust have a very sexy body if you are a boy then you must have a very big cock or if your a girl then you must have very big and tight boobs and ass .

The only exception to that rule would be if you are a super hot female. Hot females are often times flown in my agents to work a few days or weeks a month. But that isn’t the same for men (in straight porn).

If you don’t live in the US then I’m not sure what to tell you but if you do (and you are over 18), there is a website where you can fill it out and have your photos reviewed by actual accounts. It’s called >> How to be a Porn Star

There is no charge for anything. There is nothing for you to buy. Everything you’ll find here is 100% free. It’s important that you understand some people out there really do charge you for advice. That’s not what this site is about.

I’ve been around for a long time and I know how it all works. I’ve worked with porn stars, agents, directors, productions, distributors and studios. I’m going to share everything with you – all for free.


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