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My First Blowjob with my Teacher English Sex Story Free XXX Adult Story

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My First Blowjob with my Teacher English Sex Story Free XXX Adult Story

My First Blowjob with my Teacher English Sex Story Free XXX Adult Story : Hello, my friends at I am Deepti (name unchanged), aged 23 years. I have been a silent visitor of this site since quite a long time, about 5 years and I want to narrate a real life incident of mine. I loved some of the real life stories posted here by many of our friends and had been an admirer of this site. I am a bubbly college going girl, believing in the principle of simple living and high thinking. I have always been better than rest at studies in my school and college, and perhaps this led me to get habituated to success always. I cannot just accept failure.

In my college life, I have refrained from getting engrossed in love affairs and those typical boyfriend-girlfriend play, as most of my attention has always been towards studies. But this never means that I am a bookworm; I love going to movies, shopping, and most importantly, eating! I have been always been counted among the plain Janes of our college, perhaps because I never tried to look ‘hot’ in college. But I know, I am prettier than the average! As for my physical description, I am fair, 5’5”, slightly curled black hair and ‘not heavy’ with a vital statistics of 32-28-30. The incident I am going to narrate occurred in April, 2008 when I had just appeared my BCA 2nd year examinations.

I performed well in all the papers, except one practical paper. Perhaps my luck did not support me that day. Out of the 3 assignments given to me for the practical test, I could not successfully complete even one. I almost wanted to cry aloud after the examination was over. I knew it would bring a ‘backlog’ to my otherwise neat and clean BCA degree, and that’s what I hated the most. I decided to go to the internal examiner’s house. He was a professor of our college, aged about 35 years, and a divorcee. (In the rest of the story, I shall address him as ‘Sir’). I reached Sir’s house at about 6.30 pm the next day, dressed in salwar kameez. I knocked at his door and he opened it, bit surprised to see me perhaps, and said “Deepti, you here at this time? Come inside.” “ Sir, are you busy doing something? “ No no, I was just idling, watching a movie.

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So tell me, what brings you here? “ Actually Sir, I wanted to talk with you about yesterday’s practical exam. “ Oh yes, you looked much tensed at the end. Was everything alright? “ Actually Sir, I could not complete even one of the three assignments in my question paper. “ What? You always used to do programs so well in the class. Your class assignments have always been complete in time. What happened to you yesterday? “ I know Sir, but I could not understand why I was unable to compile even one of the programs successfully. Then we discussed sometime about the errors I faced in the program and he told me what could have been the possible bugs and how I could have debugged them. “ Sir, I know I have made a blunder. Can you please help me out of this? Please Sir. You know I have always performed well in practical classes and have always helped others in completing and debugging their programs. Please, Sir? “ I know that you are a good student, but I can’t do anything in this matter. 

You are evaluated on how you perform in your exams, not how you perform in your class. “ Sir, please, please don’t deny me. I don’t want a backlog in my mark sheet, please Sir. He was silent for a few minutes. Then he suddenly looked at me and asked “How desperate are you to pass in this exam?” “ Sir, this is the first and last favour I want from you in my term of BCA. I can’t tell in words how desperate I am. “ Well, favour expects favour in return. Why should I help you? This time I was answerless.

I did not know what to say. “ Okay Deepti, let’s be straight forward. I can give you 80% in this practical exam if you are ready to be in my bed for 1 hour. Do you understand what I say? “ Sir, I am a virgin yet and I don’t want to lose my virginity now. Is there anything else that I can do? “ Ok, leave it then. Study well and appear the same exam next year. I hope you’ll pass then. “ Sir, sir, please... I am ready to do anything you ask other than penetrative sex. “ Ok, you have to bare your upper part and give me Blowjob too. Can you? “ Yes Sir, of course. “ Come into the bedroom... And one more thing, don’t expect 80%, you have to be satisfied with 60. I nodded my head in acknowledgement.


At that time many thoughts were going in my mind. I knew what I was doing was not right, but I had no other choice. I have never given a Blowjob or handjob to anyone, so I was feeling awkward at that too. Slowly I followed him to his bedroom. He then asked me to bare the upper half of my body. I removed my kameez, put it on his bed and did the same with my bra.

I was standing in front of him naked from head to waist, with my hair untied. He was sitting on the edge of the bed and pulled me towards him holding me by my hand. He then put his each hand on my each of my breasts and gripping as much as possible, squeezed these hard with his rough palms. It was my first time I was feeling a man’s touch on my breasts and nipples. I let out a soft moan. He then squeezed like that for some time. It was a totally different feeling for me. Then he removed his hands from my breasts and started kissing these, holding me in his arms. I felt his moustache brushing my nipples and aerola.

Then he started nibbling my right nipple with his lips and teeth gently and was squeezing my left breast very hard. I was continuously moaning. He started taking my breast as much as possible in his mouth and then lick it well with his tongue and made it wet with his saliva. He did so with both my breasts. I could feel that I was already wet down in my panties.

He then relieved me after playing with my breasts for about 20 minutes and said “Now it’s your time to show your skill.” I knew I had to try my best to give him pleasure. I asked him to stand up and he did. I knelt down before him and pulled down his shorts. In front of my face was a thick bulge in a dark blue underwear. I pulled that off too and his penis jumped out as if it had freed itself from a suffocating prison. His penis was not big as I had seen in some porn clips.

It was hardly more than 6 inches, dark skinned and shaved clean without any pubic hair and pointing to my face. I took it in my right hand and pulled the foreskin back. I could see the tip wet and glistening. Then I held it upwards to his abdomen with my right hand and touched his testicles gently with the fingers of my left hand, and slowly moved my fingers towards the root of his testicles, near his anus lining.

I took out my tongue and held it in a pointed position and touched his testicles with my tongue tip. I saw up and found that he was looking at me and smiling. I continued tickling his testicles with my tongue tip. Holding his penis upwards, I was licking all over the testicles with my tongue tip, making it wet with my saliva. Then I took his testicles in my lips and started flicking my tongue over it, in my mouth. 

He was moaning softly. Then I started moving my tongue tip over his penis, from the testicles up to the penis head. I was holding his penis by its tip and drawing lines all over the penis with my tongue tip. After wetting his penis, I released my grip and let it fall. It was pointing straight to my face and I touched its tip with my tongue tip, without touching it with any finger or hand. I was circling my tongue tip on his penis tip. He was moaning continuously. I took his penis tip in my lips and started sucking it gently.

My lips had encircled his penis head and my tongue was swirling all around it. Then I slowly took some more of it inside and moved my tongue around it. My hair was coming to my lips, which he tugged back with his fingers and held my hair with his hands behind my head. I started to take whole of it inside and moved my head to and for slowly. His moaning got a bit louder and he was also moving his penis in my mouth and out of it slowly. I tried to engulf it all in my mouth and kiss the testicles with my lips. He started literally fucking my mouth and moaning aloud.

I was looking at his face and he seemed to be in immense pleasure. I knew I was succeeding. He kept on increasing the speed bit by bit. His thigh muscles were getting tight and he was almost on his toes. Suddenly, I felt some warm liquid at the last part of my tongue. Before I could react, I felt another similar thrust and I removed his penis from my mouth immediately. Some of his semen fell on my lips, cheeks and shoulder.

I ran towards the bathroom and spit out his semen immediately from my mouth. It had such an awful taste and smell. I felt like vomiting and was coughing to get it out of my throat if some of the semen had gone down to my throat. Then I looked at myself in the mirror and cleaned the semen from my face, shoulder and hair. The most difficult part was the removing from semen from my dry hair. 

I thought I would get back and ask him why he did not warn me before releasing. But then I thought he might have done this purposely and so I did not ask him anything when I returned to his room. He was sitting on the edge of the bed stroking his penis slowly. I took my clothes for dressing up, but he snatched those away from me and said “Darling, it’s not over yet.” Saying so, he pulled me closer to him and started kissing my lips and put my hand on his penis and asked me to rub it.

I rubbed it as he was kissing my lips deep and hard, biting my lower lip occasionally. Soon he was hard again and asked me to suck his penis once more. This time he was sitting on the edge of the bed and I took his penis in my mouth. I started swirling my tongue all over it and moving my head to and fro. My fingers were busy playing with his testicles. He was moaning and saying “You bitch, suck it like you will never get it again”. I sucked it for quite some time and was expecting him to release his semen again.

But actually he took much more time than I was expecting. This time I was careful and alert. After sometime, when I saw him twisting his ankles and his calf muscles getting tight, I knew he may release any moment. I took out his penis from my mouth and started sucking and licking the tip only. He was moaning loud again. Soon he released his semen, and I turned away my face immediately. I was able to time it correctly.

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