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Hot Erotic Massage From A Stranger English Sex Story

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Hot Erotic Massage From A Stranger English Sex Story

Hot Erotic Massage From A Stranger English Sex Story : Let me introduce first...I am Mona...female 36...ignorant of sex before marriage, which has happened about 12 years ago..blessed with a son of 8 years old now. Hubby is 6 years older than me, and in my sense (due to family upbringing) sex is a very private affair between husband and wife. In bed from the very beginning my hubby is a kind of fast releaser, have never stayed physically connected with me more than 5-7 minutes.

I have taken this as the regular practice of conjugal relationships and happy with that somehow. About a year ago I have turned my attention to Internet world and got for a computer with Internet connection and could explore the world a little more than my usual family life. When alone during the day (hubby gets to work, son to school), I spend almost the whole time in the net and about 3-4 months back hooked regularly to kerlaerotica chat website, chatting with males/females alike to understand what going on. 

Males usually wants to chat with a females and straightaway come to sex chat using vulgar languages, which I did not like. In the same time chatting with females have made me confident that extra marital sex, if in private and safety could be explored. About a month back I met in the chat site a male with id: secret_massage and talked to him. This guy seemed to be genuine, as he was not talking of sex, but of massage, which to my first impression was somehow making sense and different (sexual encounter in private sort of).

I came to know that he is from another city and he is quite professional and able to make the whole thing secret. I asked him his fees, which he revealed that it all depends upon me...and he is fine with my decision of meeting site and date and time. The best thing that he never asked me for my age, location, marital status and any other personal information, and all communications went by e-mails. All these prompted me to take some risk and finalize a date with him when hubby went out of city for a 'full body oil massage'.

Since my parent stay close to my city but far, I had asked my mom to keep him for two days with her, citing the reason that I have some other work to do. I told the neighbors that my brother might come during these time, so no suspicion from anyone. The door bell rang exactly at 9AM on the day (we had decided the date and time), I was alone and fairly nervous.

I did not know what is on the card, as this was my first time seeing another man other than my hubby. When I opened the door, I find a about middle-aged person of average body, about 5.8, wheatish color, in jeans and t-shirts, clean shaved standing before me(around 40) with a sweet smile with a hello. He did not appear to me that he is a female satisfier at the first instance and I became more nervous. However, without any further thinking I invited him to come in and he sat on the sofa.

He has instructed several dos and do not on this day and I have perfectly followed his suggestions (cleanly shaved pussy, early bath with hair wash). I was in a Capri and a t-shirt with my average boobs prominently bulging out from the t-shirt to reveal the cleavage. I had forgotten to ask him for a drink even, as I ws thinking what is going to come next, when he himself asked if I am ready. He was sitting and I was standing, then suddenly I asked him if he will like to drink anything, he only asked me a glass of water.


He then asked me to sit in the carpet (he was sitting in the sofa) and asked to unbutton my hair and he started massaging my skull very slowly, putting his fingers across my hairs, and occasionally pressing the skull. It gave me a feeling of my mom massaging my skull and with much relaxation, really my eyes were closed. He massaged the whole skull for 10 minutes before he came down to my shoulders and started slowly massaging them for 5 more minutes.

He then massaged my neck and my upper hands. The feeling of his strong hands on my skin was providing electric shocks and a very different sensation, which I had not felt before. At this point he asked me if it is possible to remove the t-shirt, which I did not answer (my throat was dry then thinking what is going to happen).

He asked me twice and with no reply from my side, he slowly pull my hairs towards him and whisper in my ears..."mam....may I remove ur tee"? I had no answer still, but I stood up before him and took a deep yawn with both my hands up. This made my t-shirt up revealing my naval, and at this point he inserted his hands there to remove the t-shirt out from me. I was in no he had asked me to...and my 36D boobs were hanging in frnt of me. He praised my boobs by kissing and slowly bitting the nipples.....and asked me to come to the bed....with the oil I wanted to use. I had olive oil and he asked me to lay on my front in the bed (back exposed to him).

He started pouring oil on my back and started slowly massaging the whole back, shoulder and especially the spinal cord with two fingers...which was very very much soothing...the feeling of his hands were passed currents in me. He especially massaged with deep in the two pelvic joints simultaneously....that was really really providing some electric shock and was very very electrifying. He did this for about 15 minutes and then asked me to remove my expose my legs and to massage them.

I had panty inside and my Capri only slipped away from my waist....I was only mesmerized by all his throat was still dry...and do not want to speak anything...only enjoying every move of his and every single touch of his palm. He then started massaging my toes....put oil and rub them...and then came to massage the calf muscles....which was quite relaxing...and my eyes were closed in relaxation. I felt sensation when he moved up to my thighs and put oil and massage them.

He had covered my boobs with a towel and he started rubbing my thighs and slowly pushing both my legs apart. He was standing on the bed and I was sleeping on the side of the bed. He then rum his fingers slowly around my pussy lips from up to down and that was a killing sensation, and I was for the first time moaning in pleasure..... He sensed it and put lots of concentrations in rubbing the areas around that electric shock was passing through my spine through my boobs and this stage and I have started becoming eyes were closed...hands were was catching the bed sheet. He immediately uplifted my hips...and pull the panty remove it completely.

I fully cooperated...because I needed his hands down there on my clit....and unknowingly my fingers went there...he immediately pull out his manhood (which was monster, very warm, black, almost 8 inch, red tip, with fat and live veins) and made it hold to me. I was surprised by this but he has started playing with my pussy now...parting the pussy lips, and rubbing the clit slowly.... I was fully wet down there and fluid was flowing inside my vagina....suddenly he slipped his middle finger inside....AHAAAAAAAAAAA I cried....and ten he started fucking me in his fingers.....till my body cramed.....and I cried in whole inside walls of my vagina was pulsating...and I my hand was masturbating his cock and suddenly I engulfed it in my mouth.

While I was pulsating .....he removed his finger and put his tongue into my pussy to start pulsation feeling remained.....for another 5 minutes or so...till I get another wave of pleasure out of the feeling of his tongue in my vagina...and got a second orgasm. Believe me, I have never had experienced such a condition or pleasure before..... He was never done after this.....he now started with my boobs....pressing them, squeezing them and playing with them.....I was really enjoying all these and he was sucking the nipples like my own baby...I loved it and I kissed his forehead....which he loved it (told me afterwards). He gave me a feeling of heat again......and this time he used his tongue to lick my nipple, and then went down to lick my naval region.

This drove me to crazy feeling and my erotic sensation buit up again....he again came to lick my pussy and this time he parted my legs and virtually chew my clitoris and pussy lips.....His whole mouth was inside my two thights and tongue was inserted into my pussy hole..... I got another wave of current..and while licking, he pressed my boobs so erotically that I moaned to extent to get another orgasm. I was tired....and he was not stop. What to do? I then slowly moved my hands to pull his jeans and dragged him towards me.

I started feeling love for this unknown male who had seen and felt every inch of my body and gave me so lots of pleasure...I hold his sexy was very very big and fat...twice that of my hubby....took it inside my mouth and fucked him....he got pleasure...while his hands still busy in massaging my boobs....suddenly he told me to stop.... And asked if he has condom...which I had. However, I said no, coz I wanted to feel his massive cock inside me naked.... He came to lie on me opened my legs and started rubbing the tip of his cock in my clit....Oh..MAN...what a feeling...he rubbed it till I get a blasting orgasm this time.....when I was getting the orgasm...he slowly inserted his huge cock inside me...OH MY GOD....what a feeling........I felt that I am in heven...he fucked to the extent to give me two perfect orgasms (NE before he inserted and the other after) without release of semen inside me.

He slept over me for 10 more minutes to kiss me all over my body and massaging my shoulder. He dressed up and sent me to the bathroom to wash up. After we are dressed, I could not see him straight, although he hugged me and kissed me on my forehead...telling that I was the sweetest female of all he met so far.

I really wanted him to be here again...but so far unsuccessful. He departed the same day keeping me looking for him everyday. Hope he will come back one day..... If he would not have met me, I would have never known that sex is so erotic and enjoying. All unsatisfied females should take some chance to have some experience and make their life fulfilled like me. Please comment on my feelings.

Hot Erotic Massage From A Stranger English Sex Story